Tatty Head Treat Dispenser Reviews

We love to hear how our treat dispenser has made such a difference to dog owners. It's so much more than a treat dispensing toy.
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Great big of kit

Great big of kit, now I don’t have to have treats in all my coat pockets do handy and great for recalling my puppy back to me.

Twist and treat

I bought the twist and treat for my new puppy to aid with recall training, I just have to shake it and he runs in from the garden!! Also no smelly treats in your pockets , I love it

Twist n treat

Great product, well made, light and easy to use. Great service and quick delivery! And it definitely works on our dogs recall

Great product

Quick delivery and great item for conveniently storing the recall treats!

Super helpful in training!

We love it!!! It helps a lot in recall training.

Twist 'N' Treat Bright Pink
Christine Koseoglu
Easy treat dispenser.

Love the design, so much easier than struggling to get in a little bag. Sturdy, easy to fill and helpful for recall. A great buy.

Great for training.

This is great for training. My puppy knows that her treats are inside and has started to sit and come to me when called when I shake the twist and shake.

What a brilliant idea

Love this treat dispenser, so do my girls, has improved their recall as they know a tasty treat is their reward. No sticky pockets!! No treats in the washing machine!!!.. result 😊


Excellent recall aid, sturdy well made products and all at affordable prices. Works both in the home and outside. Small size treats so don’t have to worry about over feeding

This works

Easy to fill with treats and clean. Good size and easy to attach to lead/ruck sack

Great product

We love our new treat dispenser and treats! A genius idea that’s so simple! We look forward to taking it out with us to help with our training.

Really good product that allows me to carry treats for my reactive dog without fuss

Great product

Received very quickly and used straight away. After only a few shakes my puppy recognised that she will receive a treat. Hopefully it will male training a lot easier.

Love it

Fab delivery , and item ! Can’t wait to use it with the new pup

Excellent service

Excellent service and product is good as well

Brilliant idea

Perfect for recall and treating at the same time. Easy to carry and refill

Twist n Treat

Great invention! No more crumbs in pockets or fiddly treat bags. Would recommend


Nice place to keep treats instead of pocket but falls apart easy spilling treats over the floor even sometimes just by twisting and found the sound of the treats inside didn’t make much noise so didn’t make a good recall. Unless your treats are very hard they don’t make much of a noise.


I must be doing something wrong as when I shake the product, it's very quiet. Dog shows no interest unless all the treats fly out when opened. Clip not very big. Reward training needs to be quick but this makes it fiddly. Sorry, would be better with treat release button rather than lots at a time. Sadly disappointed and £10 light!

Twist 'N' Treat Bright Pink
Natasha Crowhurst

Brilliant! Works a treat for recall and so easy to take along everywhere we go


I have attached it to our dogs lead and she has never been Kenner to stay close and walk to heal! Thank you!

Twist 'N' Treat Pale Blue
Rachael Isherwood
5 stars

Really helpful in training my rescue dog - this has really improved his recall, as he loves treats but also likes to go off and play with other dogs. When he hears me shake the treat dispenser he comes running! Quick delivery and really useful.

No more messy pockets

I purchased the Twist n’ Treat so I could stop carrying dog treats in every pocket of every coat I own! Bo is now 7 months but having treats on our walks was vital but I hated the smell and the tiny bits of treats that were always in my pockets. This handy accessory now carries all the treats and is permanently attached to the lead…so very useful!


Why didn’t I know about these before? No more loose treats or plastic bags in my pocket! And Kala, our pooch has soon learnt what the rattle means!!

This is amazing

Have a small cockapoo and he can take or leave treats but the big dogs come over and take them since having this I feel more in control since, great quality and price do recommend