Tatty Head Treat Dispenser Reviews

We love to hear how our treat dispenser has made such a difference to dog owners. It's so much more than a treat dispensing toy.
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My puppy loves these treats especially the breath fresh ones. Another order going in. Well worth a try

Treats for my pooches 🐾

Fab products! The shaker works a treat for excellent recall!

Handy holder for puppy walks

Delighted with our tatty head treat dispenser. Such an easy way to access treats / kibble while puppy training, particularly useful for lead training. So many times I’ve tried to get more treats to hand when a sudden lead tug means they fly every. Now I clip tatty head to the lead & get a couple out quickly & easily. The pooch & mutt biscuits are a big hit too. And I like the consistency as easily snaps into puppy sized training treats. The dual pack was a great buy.

Great recall aid

I wish I had this when my dog was younger, he responds well to the shake and his recall is good most of the time 🤣 i think a wrist attachment would be better for me as I don't really have anything to hook it to but I carry in my hand so not an issue but maybe a nice addition.

Good quality

This was just what I was looking for to keep treats in. Added bonus to use for attracting attention and recall.

Excellent training treats

Tatty head went out of their way to adjust my twist 'n' treat order after I'd already placed it. Excellent for training and handy to carry around, my dogs love them, thanks.

Twist and Treat

Very easy to use.
Dog runs right back to me when she hears me shaking it.
Fantastic for reinforcing recall.

My new puppy loves this treat dispenser within an afternoon of first using it she knew what it was for and responded well to it

Tatty head

Game changer!!!! So much easier to access treats, instead of rummaging in a bag, we have 4 dachshunds and a pooshie and it took just 1 walk for them to use the rattling sound as another recall command.... easy to full up, and comes with a handy clip which clips to anything, will prob get another one of these x

Lovely product dog very happy with treats and dispenser is really good and handy you can clip on to coat, lead or ruck sack.

Great item

Fantastic good for recall

Fantastic for recall and great quality it's definitely a must have!

Training pup

Our fur baby is doing so well now he has an incentive!! Brilliant - just shake to get attention;)!!

Great product

Very impressed with this, always hated have treats floating about in my pockets so this is great as I can attach it to my dogs lead.

Dachshund crazy

Excellent service and great item !!

Twist and Treat

Brilliant just have to shake it both dogs come back sitting waiting for their treat. Also means my pockets aren’t full of crumbs

Perfect treats

Bought to help train my 14 week old puppy , on shaking the tatty head treat bone she comes running like the clappers for what I think she fines the treats so tasty ..... fab idea , great price , well made and easy to use , thank you

Bone treat dispenser

Great item👍🏼 It didn’t take long for our setter/doodle Rosie to catch on to what it was for. Everytime I touch it or rattle it she sits down or comes back to me when we are out/the treats she loves anyway, a simple but effective accessory for our fur baby. Thank you.

My 2nd one

We love this item soooo much more his is our 2nd one our puppy comes running as soon as he hears it only thing is we never got the small carabiner clip with this like we did with the 1st but we love this

Great size and pawfect treetos!

We’ve just rehomed a rescue greyhound and needed some high value treats to start training. These work brilliantly and the holder is a great cue to get his attention as well as being such a portable size


Very please and my dogs love the treats, thank you.


This amazing little bone works wonders with my cockerpoo puppy his recall and training is now doing so much better he’s doing amazing. I can not recommend this bone enough I’d buy more for definite. And the treat are all suitable for his special diet. Thank you so much Tatty bone will definitely be in touch again 100% and recommend to everyone I know with a dog xx

Great product

Really pleased, pup already knows when I shake it, a treat is coming! Really helping with training.

Twist 'n' Treat works a treat!

Great invention and it literally works a treat! Our dog responds to it all the time! Highly recommend.

Brilliant bit of kit!

Easy to use and no more pockets full of dog biscuits. Only downside is my kids now fight over who gets to carry the Tattyhead when we go out for a walk! I'm thrilled with it, it does exactly what it says on the tin.