Tatty head dog treat dispenser and training aid in blue and pink

2-in-1 Dog Treat Dispenser & Training Aid

• Portable, light, easy to use dog treat dispenser for walks

• Simple and effective recall training aid

• Easily attached to your Dog's lead, a bag or fits in a pocket

• Keeps snacks dry in all weather conditions and saves you from crumbs

dog biscuit holder for walks

Imagine a world where your dog returns instantly off the lead

Join the thousands of dog owners having happier walks with their dogs. Simply shake for recall.

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I LOVE this treat dispenser! I just attach it to the my dog’s lead and always have treats easily available. It’s big enough for various size treats but small enough not to get in the way! And if my dog’s off lead a quick shake and back she comes! Haven’t found anything else quite like this!

A great price and so easy to use I would really recommend this product. The twist n treat training dispenser is fantastic for recall and training for any age of dog, not just on every walk but at home too, couple of shakes and he's sat by my feet.

Such a great idea, this dispenser has really helped with teaching my puppy recall. He hears the rattle and instantly I get his attention and he returns. The treats are really easy to access when you need to reward quickly. It also looks great.

Janice “Brilliant Treat Dispenser!”
Jane "Amazing Invention"
Sarah Best Dog Training Tool

How It Works


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1. Order 

Securely order one of our colourful bone shaped treat dispensers, combo packs or gift boxes.


tatty head refillable dog treat container

2. Fill

Twist the bone to the open position and pull the two ends apart to fill with your dogs favourite snacks.


improve your dogs recall with a tatty head training toy

3. Shake

Introduce to your dog and start a life with happier walks and a happier dog. Just shake to recall.
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Designed With Dog Owners In Mind

tatty head dog treat dispenser demonstration


Our innovative bone shaped dispenser design is the perfect recall training aid for both puppies and older dogs. We've had hundreds of recall success stories with even the most troublesome dogs who are unresponsive off the lead.

We stock a range of compatible dog biscuits that can be used with our colourful dispensers or simply fill it with kibble or your dog's favourite snacks. 

tatty head dog treat dispenser demonstration


The Twist 'N' Treat dispensers was designed by dog owners for dog owners. We wanted to create a practical dog biscuit container unlike a treat dispensing toy which would rattle when shaken and dispense snacks in a controlled manner.

Our unique design is refillable, washable and stops you getting pockets full of crumbs. Each dispenser comes with a clip and carabiner to attach on a lead or bag so you'll never forget the biscuits again.

hugo the yorkie poo tatty head brand ambassador with blue treat dispensers


Meet Hugo, our eight year old Yorkie-Poo. He was the inspiration for the Tatty Head dispenser collection and helped us undergo countless hours of product development. Since then, he has been promoted to Chief Brand Ambassador and Snack Tester.

Sausage dogs with a grey tatty head dog treat dispenser and pooch & mutt calm and relaxed grain free dog biscuits


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