Twist 'N' Treat Clear


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  • Portable, light, easy to use dog treat dispenser for walks
  • Simple and effective recall training aid
  • Easily attached to your Dog's lead, a bag or fits in a pocket
  • Keeps snacks dry in all weather conditions and saves you from crumbs
  • The translucent design also allows your dog to see the snacks inside
Product Description
The clear Twist 'N' Treat is a dog training aid and treat dispenser created by Tatty Head. It is great for training and recall, simply shake the dispenser to get your dog's attention and twist to release a treat.
Product Information

Dimensions: L12 cm x W 6 cm x H 4 cm

Hole Opening: 3 cm 

Treats: Compatible with dog treats up to 2.8cm in diameter. We recommend using one of our compatible treats. Harder treats produce a louder noise making recall more effective in outdoor spaces. Mixing kibble with treats is also advised

Care & Maintenance
Suitable for handwashing. See our FAQ for more information.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
s moore
No more messy pockets

I purchased the Twist n’ Treat so I could stop carrying dog treats in every pocket of every coat I own! Bo is now 7 months but having treats on our walks was vital but I hated the smell and the tiny bits of treats that were always in my pockets. This handy accessory now carries all the treats and is permanently attached to the lead…so very useful!

Don’t think twice- it’s worth it!

So worth it. Treat bags can be so boring and this just made it exciting for us and our puppy. I love it!

Fantastic idea

I have a rescue dog who has selective hearing & easily distracted! It was hit or miss if he would respond to his name being called when out on walks but he certainly responds if he hears the twist & treat shake….then is rewarded with a treat! Love the idea….so simple but effective!

Refillable & Reusable

Just shake to recall